Blue Jeans

Second album from Michigan pop perfection trio Blue Jeans takes the pocket symphonies of their debut album to a more rugged place. Still approaching sad-hearted indiepop from a place of minimal arrangements, these ten songs bring in shoegaze guitar squall, Sarah Records-esque pastoral jangle, glam thump and New Zealand wistful melodicism, all without losing consistency or overcooking simple pop hooks. On straightforward and arrow-sharp songs, principle songwriter Tim Sendra (Veronica Lake, Madison Electric) and bassist/vocalist Heather Phares weave in layers of vocal harmonies, David Serra provides the rock-solid drumming and Fred Thomas adds in unobtrusive synth counterpoint and deft production twists. The songs fly by short and sweet but the feeling is colorful, melancholy and lasting.

Tim Sendra - Vocals, Guitar, Omnichord, Piano, Organ, Cymbal
Heather Phares - Vocals, Bass
David Serra - Drums
Fred Thomas - Synths, Guitar, Organ, Vocals, Percussion.

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