Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes are a Canadian Indie dream rock band with touchstones of psych, shoegaze, 60’s pop and 90’s grunge. Led by vocalist/guitarist Erin Jenkins, the band features warm effect-drenched guitar and synth, at times layered or alternately stripped down. Drawing on a vast array of musical influences, landscapes and collaborations, Crystal Eyes have thrived in a diverse and supportive cross-Canadian music scene, honing their live show through multiple tours and as consistent hometown favourites.

‘…the tunes have a certain dreamy quality to them…her wavering voice and searching lyrics that are undeniably at the centre of Crystal Eyes.’ – National Post

‘…a psychedelic swirl of kaleidoscopic imagery that perfectly complements the trippy groove of the song.’ (about the music video for High Moon) - Exclaim

‘…a dream-pop barnburner’ – Chart Attack

‘…a nice and dreamy aesthetic to their sound – complete with sun bleached guitars and high-pitched female gang vocals.’ – Austin Town Hall

'Erin Jenkins establishes a Western Canadian beach-head for shoegaze/dream-pop with her own take on the genre. ' -Ride The Tempo

'[a] swoon-worthy downer-pop group' – AUX.

"Ponder just where these wonderful melodies form and where they will go.' - Weird Canada