Dumb Things

It's been a long time since we found albums that sounded like the bands we liked so much, slovenly, fresh, fun, elegant. Do you remember what you felt listening to Pavement, Beat Happening, The Feelies or The Chills? That’s what Dick Diver, Twerps or Nap Eyes are bringing us now.

Bobo Integral is pleased to release the outstanding debut album by the Australian group from Brisbane, Dumb Things. 10 songs, 28 minutes, without valleys, pure youthful adrenaline. A first album with everything that means, for good. A collection of country-burnt pop songs, scruffy enough to get stopped at the door, but charming enough to talk it's way in. They will be big.

The vinyl record will be available from January 4, 2019.

Proudly released by Bobo Integral Records.

This record was firstly released in cassette by the French label Hidden Bay Records.