Mo Troper

Mo Troper is a power pop superstar from Portland that just released digitally his new and fourth album, Dilettante.

Fader - Mo Troper is a power pop genius

Stereogum - Portland-based Mo Troper is a prolific purveyor of fuzzed-out power-pop

The Alternative - A veritable diamond mine of power pop gems ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minute perfection
Swim Into The Sound - As an album-length experience, Dilettante fits somewhere between the trifecta of Ween, Daniel Johnston, and Guided By Voices for a creative, catchy, and invigorating collection of power pop tunes” 

Pitchfork - blushing-schoolboy narratives from the first two Big Star records, the denim-clad rock bravado of Teenage Fanclub, and the lo-fi spontaneity of '90s Robert Pollard

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