Butcher the Bar - III
€7.00 - €13.00

  • Butcher the Bar - III

Butcher the Bar - III
€7.00 - €13.00


Butcher The Bar is the once bedroom pop recording project of Joel Nicholson, now a 5 piece guitar band based in Manchester.

Releasing two records via Berlin based indie label Morr Music - ‘Sleep At Your Own Speed’ (2008) & ‘For Each A Future Tethered’ (2011) - Joel has taken Butcher The Bar across Europe and UK solo, as a duo, and full band, playing venues large and small in places far and wide, and after 8 years, are ready to release a third LP

Written and recorded between 2013 - 2015 - 'III' is the first BtB album to feature a full band, originally put together to tour in 2011 following FEAFT.

Recorded in studios and houses across South Manchester, this collection of songs are the most dynamic, diverse, and fully realised of any BtB release to date.

Joel says ‘A lot has happened since we made this record but having recently spent time putting it together, and going back through the songs and album as a whole, we’re finally ready to offer it up. They’re the best songs we’ve done, and just want people to hear them.’

Proudly released by Bobo Integral Records.

released June 14, 2019

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