Ezrat - Carousel
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  • Ezrat - Carousel

Ezrat - Carousel
€7.00 - €15.50


Written following a bout of heavy touring, eventual hiatus of previous incarnation EZTV and amidst the degradation of multiple relationships, the songs that make up 'Carousel' were culled from an obsessive trove of over 50 home recorded demos. Sounds oscillate from jangly meditations ("Turn the Time), drum machine fueled heart pangs ("Picture Taker), and the ethereal ruminations of a shut in ("Loud Sounds)". After tracking live at Brooklyn's Figure 8 Studios, guitarist Ezra Tenenbaum and drummer Michael Stasiak fleshed out knotty hook-filled arrangements at home with the help of a rotating crew of friends.

released September 25, 2020

Ezra Tenenbaum - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Organ, Electric Piano
Michael Stasiak - Drums, Percussion

Dove Bailey - Bass
Gabrielle Redmond - Backing Vocals
Michael Hesslein - Organ
Kyle Forester - Saxophone, Arrangement
Sam Kulik - Trombone
John Andrews - Backing Vocals
Christian Peslak - Backing Vocals
Mel Stancato - Backing Vocals
Kyla-Rose Smith - Violin
Elena Moon Park - Violin
Tim Goodwin - Synthesizer

Produced by Ezra Tenenbaum and Michael Stasiak

Mixing by Chris Botta
Additional recording by Chris Botta and Ryan Howe
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

Album Art by Christian Peslak, Jen Goma and Alicia Adamerovich
Photography by David Brandon Geeting
Layout by Pete Gamlen

Special thanks to all the players, Michael, Christian, Pete, Botta, Jen, Leesh, Pam, David and anyone holding this object.

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