Fixtures - Weak Automatic
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  • Fixtures - Weak Automatic

Fixtures - Weak Automatic
€5.00 - €9.00


The Brooklyn five piece, Fixtures, wear several things on their sleeve, most notably their address. Merging disparate influences into 2 minute power pop blasts or extended heady trips, the sound has been most succinctly described as "city songs" by engineer Jason Meagher of Black Dirt Studios.

Throw a beer soaked dart at a Venn diagram with circles for The Velvet Underground, Dinosaur Jr., Patti Smith, Archers of Loaf, Alice Coltrane, The Books, Reigning Sound & New Order and you'll hit a Fixtures song on there somewhere.

After a couple self released tapes and many, many shows in NYC and all over the east coast of the US the band comprised of K. Liakos (vox/guitar), Jay McGuire (bass), Alain Paradis (guitar/vocals/keys), Robin Fowler (drums/percussion) are joined by newest member Jules Block to add her saxophone, and a handful of new influences, to draw from, fuck with and make theirs. From Brooklyn, to wherever you are, with love.


The new Fixtures EP, Weak Automatic, is their first release with Bobo Integral after a handful of self released tapes in the last 5 years. Different influences rear their head on each track but all carry the common threads of sneaky hooks and direct lyricism (the band calls it "Power Pacifism") that make these songs uniquely Fixtures.

The New Wavey power pop of album opener and first single "Five Ft One, Six Ft Ten" is here and gone before giving way to the Sun Ra meets JJ Cale vibes of the 7 minute anti fairy tale "The Great Tequila Flood Of 2000-20018". "Jay's Riff" would have fit nicely on an old mixtape between Pavement and the Lemonheads (if they dug on more Thin Lizzy). Psychedelic bummer "Sunshine" doesn't reflect its title, mixing minor key lamentations with sax work that sounds like it's coming off of a distant fire escape.

released December 4, 2020

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