Quivers - We'll Go Riding On The Hearses
€7.00 - €15.50

  • Quivers - We'll Go Riding On The Hearses

Quivers - We'll Go Riding On The Hearses
€7.00 - €15.50


Vinyl reissue available now!! Limited second pressing released by Pink Lake and Bobo Integral Records.

We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses (2018) was first a handmade tape release before being released on vinyl. It’s an album of songs written after singer Sam lost his brother, Tom, unexpectedly in a free-diving accident. It’s maybe an album about that, but also about trying to not think about that, and often comes back to ghosts, benders, water, and pissing in the snow. The album was recorded halfway up Mount Wellington/kunanyi by Anthony Rochester in just two days to not overthink it all, and celebrates the catharsis that comes from singing with friends. All my best friends are a little broken, all the best people are.


Recorded in Hobart, Tasmania, by Anthony Rochester. Tracking done over two days up Mt. Wellington at the Fern Tree Community Center. Additional overdubs by Phil McPhee, Elliot Taylor & Peter J. Head. Mixed and mastered by Nick Huggins in Point Lonsdale, Victoria.
released May 1, 2021

Sam J Nicholson (songs, guitars, piano, harmonium).
James Woodberry (bass, acoustic, sings).
Michael Panton (guitars).
Adam D'Andrea (drums, sings).

Phil McPhee (organ on 5, 10).
Emma Jane Marson (sings on 3, 8).
Angela Schilling (sings on 7).
Akira Weller-Wong (trombone on 5, 9).
Angus Leighton (tenor saxophone on 5, 9, 10).
Peter Joseph Head (cello on 10).

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